BCT Aquathlon - Dylan

The Black Country aquathlon

The Black Country aquathlon was very tiring but in the end very enjoyable and the atmosphere was very friendly. There a lot of amateurs and locals having a go which was nice to see. Overall I think my race went very smoothly, just getting someone at the end on the run and having a very good swim so all in all I think I did a very good job, as did a lot of other kids who competed.

Dylan Williams-Yang

From my point of view, that was his best swim of the year – where did that come from – he is normally the slowest. I think the new colours helped. The run was the run, glad he scoped out the run first the bit through the gate was tricky. This was Dylan’s first race for the club, but the last big event of the year. Nice to see all the faces again, plus our new family too.

Result 7th in TS2 boys, not quite last in the swim – 3rd in the run. Yeah a good event.

Neil Williams (Dylan's Dad)