Dylan - Leeds

Dylan Williams Yang


Leeds Race Report


The race was very well planned and it felt like everyone was enthusiastic about the race.

There were many people from all over the country who attended the event and a lot of people not only came to watch and volunteer to set it all up and make the experience possible.

The lake swm had very deep water and being in the middle of the pontoon was the shortest distance to the buoy. My swim went well and the wetsuit came off much easier than the old one.

It was a long run from the lakeside into transition. This was the biggest transition park we’ve ever been in.

Then things went wrong. I went the wrong way in transition and the chain came off my bike. The course seemed to be never ending with another corner after what seemed to be the final straight. It was exhausting both mentally and physically, because your body was still trying to recover from the swim but then on the bike straight after.

The mount line there was a massive hill to overcome, however I was focussed on getting all of the places back that I’d lost in transition. They kept showing me yellow flags to slow for the corners, but I chose not to “see” them.

Back into transition and got lost again on the way out. The run started with a long drag of a hill to the mansion and across to the top of the lake. Slowly I picked off runners until we descended down to the finish. I started to sprint to get one more place, but it was no good.

The atmosphere around the course was great and a lot of different people were there from the professionals to the new people who just wanted to have a crack at it for fun which was nice to see.

I will be back there again next year.