Much Wenlock Triathlon

The Mel Humphreys Much Wenlock Triathlon.


Race Location

Much Wenlock Leisure Centre,

Farley Rd, 

Much Wenlock 

TF13 6NB


Enter here 


Go “Melify” yourself

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Parking is located at the leisure centre.  Please follow the marshals instructions for everyone’s safety 


Parking is located at the leisure centre, for the event please use the EXIT to drive in and to also drive out.  The normal entrance will be used for Bike In / Bike Out.


Please follow the marshals instructions for everyone’s safety

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Aerial view of a parking lot

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Important points:



  • Please arrive at pool side 10 minutes prior to your wave starting


  • Timing chips will be issued poolside, competitors should enter the pool area via the changing rooms


  • We will start and exit from the deep end with swimmerswalking along the poolside, please follow the instructions from the marshals at pool side


  • All equipment should be left in either a locker or in the bag storage area in transition.


  • Rack your bike in Transition where there is a space.We do not have numberedracking.


  • Plush Hill Cycles will be on site for any bike maintenance issues –they will not be able to help out on the bike course.


  • Once you have finished your race, please remove your bike promptly from the transition area.


  • Please use the portaloos provided by the pool exit and not the Leisure Centre toilets.


  • Please remove muddy footwear before entering the building


  • Please bring your own nutrition for Transition area and Bike Course.  We will have water at the finish line


  • Registration is open 7am-9:45am


  • Please register 45 minutes before your wave starts.


  • There are some road works on the Buildwas section, these are due to be completed in time for the race however, if they are not YOU MUST FOLLOW THE HIGHWAY CODE.


  • The bottom section of the descent into Buildwas has some mud on the road from recent ploughing. 


  • The run is mainly on trail – however sections are on tarmac – please choose footwear accordingly.
    • Cyclists should be aware of potholes /poor road conditions that may have appeared due to recent adverse weather.



  • There is a foot down rule on ALL RIGHT TURNS





Race course




16 lengths


Bike Course



A map with red lines

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An undulating course with a few climbs


Please note:

  • There are some road works on the Buildwas section, these are due to be completed in time for the race however, if they are not YOU MUST FOLLOW THE HIGHWAY CODE.
  • The bottom section of the descent into Buildwas has some mud on the road from recent ploughing. 


Run Course


4 laps of the entire course proceeding around the field lap anticlockwise direction and windmill lap is clockwise.



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Please note:

  • The run is mainly on trail – however sections are on tarmac – please choose footwear accordingly.
  • The run is on public footpaths, please do be courteous of other people using the footpath
  • When passing people on narrow sections of the run, please do so on the right side.
  • You must collect a band on each lap and finish with 4 bands.





Please follow the signs to registration here you will be given

  • Your race number
  • Bike and Helmet stickers
  • Body Marking
    • Make sure you rack your bike and layout your gear in transition in plenty of time to be changed and ready at poolside 5 minutes before your swim start time.


It is strictly prohibited to transfer your race number to another athlete. Doing so will render the race insurance invalid and may lead to significant complications in the event of an accident.

Do not rack your bike until you have registered




BTF day membership


In order to participate in a BTF sanctioned event, all competitors must either be a full member or a day member of the Association. The day membership ensures that all competitors are aware of and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the BTF, and also provides them with civil liability insurance cover of up to £5 million.

If you are already a BTF member, please make sure to bring your race licence to registration.

For those who have paid online, please note that you were asked to state whether or not you have a race licence. If you indicated that you have a race licence but are unable to present it at registration, you will be asked to pay the difference. Don't forget to bring your race licence with you!


Refund Policy: there will be no refundsfor dropouts. 


Transition area

The transition area will open at 7am and only competitors will be allowedentry on production of the race number.


  • You will not be allowed to leave race boxes and bags next to your bike in transition as this is a safety hazard.
  • To remove your bike from transition after racing. You will need your race number


Be ready in the swimming pool 10minutes before your start time, access the pool via the changing rooms


  • No equipment is to be left poolside.
  • The pool will be dividedinto 6 lanes. Swimmers will be set off at varying intervalsListen out for your race number to be called and follow the instructions given.
  • Swimmers will still be seeded according to their estimated swim time, so will be in the water with those of a similar ability.
  • Diving starts are not allowed.All competitors start in the pool.
  • Tumble turns are allowed
  • You must give way to faster swimmers at the end of the length
  • 400metres is 16 lengths of the pool the swim Marshals will be countingyour lengths and you will be told when you have 2 LENGTHS TO GO
  • When you have completed your swim, you will climb out of the pool, exit the pool via the side door.
  • Once through the door, follow the steps into transition area




  • DO NOT removeyour bike from the rackinguntil you have securely fastenedyour helmet.
  • Please make sure your numberis clearly displayed on the BACK of your shirt
  • The bike course will be sign posted and marshals will be at key locations. The marshalswill not stop traffic or give instruction if it is safe to proceed.
  • Time allowances will be givenfor the trafficlights and road works on the bike course
  • Drafting is not allowed– draft busters &marshals will be monitoring cyclists
  • After completing the cycling portion of the event, it is required that you dismount your cycle at the designated line and proceed to walk or run with your bike into the transition area, where you will return it to its original location. Please keep your helmet on until you have placed your bike down, and do not throw either your bike or helmet.
  • Cyclists should be aware of potholes /poor road conditions that may have appeared due to recent adverse weather.
  • Marshals are there to directcyclist on bike route only.Not to say if it issafe to proceed.
  • Cyclists must adhereto the highway code.
  • There is a foot down rule on ALL RIGHT TURNS


  • Run out of the exit marked ‘Run out’. Your race numbershould be visiblenow on the front of your shirt.
  • The run section is around the outside of the Gaskell field. Please be aware that football matches may be taking place whilst you are racing and other users of the park may be present.
  • On the hill climb this section may be muddy, please do not take risks especially on the decent
  • There may be walkers on the run route. Pleasebe considerate when passing them.



  • We kindly request that your supporters and family members do not litter on the Gaskell and keep clear of any other events that maybe happening on the field.  We aim to maintain a positive working relationship with them.
  • After completing the race, please collect some water and remember to remove your timing chip. If the timing chip is lost, you will be charged for it. In case it falls off during the race, a backup time will be recorded. However, if you finish the race with the chip and fail to return it, you will be contacted for payment. This may have implications for your participation in future events.




Foul and abusivelanguage will resultin immediate disqualification if overheard by the race referee or any race marshal.


Bike collection

Bike collection from 9.30 onwards.Bikes must be collected by 12.45
Please note – other competitors may still be competing when you collect your bike, so please be aware.



You will be able to see your results on


General rules

  • The changing rooms and pool spectating area are available for use.
  • Competitors are requested to use the toilets designated for them, located by the swimming pool door as indicated on the map.
  • Please pay attention to and follow the instructions of the race officials at all times.
  • During the race, only the race officials are authorized to provide assistance. Friends or family members are not allowed to accompany you along the course.
  • Your race number should be prominently displayed and visible to the officials at all times. This is necessary to ensure an accurate finishing time. It is recommended that you attach the number to the front of your top using safety pins on all four corners, or alternatively, wear a race belt as long as the number is clearly visible.
  • This event is governed by the rules of the British Triathlon Federation.
  • The event will take place regardless of the weather conditions.






Enjoy the day – enjoy the course and enjoy the day.